Grace Victoria Patterson


"23 years in this industry as a writer, director and producer and I can honestly say that I have never come across a more professional, brave, prepared and easy to work with actress. I adore her."


David Ross

Mpressive Films



We just wrapped production on a feature film with Grace and I already have plans to write something specifically for her.  Grace brought both warmth and depth to her character that wasn't on the page. Her beauty seems to be amplified on screen but can range from "girl next door" to "holy hell look out!"  


Jason Vaile



"Grace is beautiful inside and out. She goes above and beyond anything that is asked of her. No matter what we asked of her, she was more than willing to do and always had the biggest smile.  She has a bright future..."


Kristy Atchley

Executive Producer



"Grace has a magnetizing personality and the smile to go with it, yet give her a character who needs to respond to emotional stimuli and the tears flow naturally...a pleasure to work with."


Shaun Peter Cunningham

Picto Films



"Grace has an innate sense of timing and dead on delivery. She is a pleasure to work with and I will definitely call on her talents again.


Daniel Rosales

Rainbow Falls Director



"Grace Patterson is one gifted and talented actress...a pleasure to work with and to watch her apply her gifts to any part she plays."


Rusty Allen Briley , Actor